Dr. Dan Moore on horse health (and other species)

At the 2012 Pet Expo I met a wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Dan Moore. He had been a conventional veterinarian and very skeptical of clients’ interest in alternative treatments. He retired and took a class by Dr. Pitcairn which took him on a path of developing healthy products for the large number of horses he was raising. Now his daughter is finishing veterinary college.

While I have not tested any of his products, I love his articles and philosophy, so I would suggest trying some of the products.

In his catalog he speaks of “allergies” in horses. He speaks of the hives, the itching, the raw skin of the horse [all would be true of dogs and cats, too] and the frustration and expense of treating with allergy shots, fly sprays, lotions, and more. “Allergies are becoming more and more prevalent.”

Most importantly, he agrees with how I teach about allergies – “the cause is not what the horses are exposed to!” Why are some horses [or any other species] allergic to substances they have lived with for millions of years? “Our horses appear to be weaker today as opposed to yesteryears.”

And I love this quote, “Can you imagine a Native American stalking upon his prey…and all of a sudden, sneezing?” I did not know that allergies were first recorded in polluted areas of industrial England and called Rose Fever.

He goes on to say the cause is a hyper immune system because of the many “vaccines, chemicals, pollutants and toxins”  as well as ruined soils, misuse of salt/mineral blocks and poor diets full of sugar and incorrect supplements. The immune system simply reacts to everything because it is out of balance.

He then gives his prescription for “allergic” horses.

  1. More fat, less sugar.
  2. Individualize the supplements and do not rely on “complete” feeds with supplements.
  3.  Use Anti-oxidants
  4. Feed free choice salt and minerals rather than blocks.
Read the whole article at his site

What Dr. Dan is speaking about are the 7 Keys to Health we are covering in the newsletters that are listed in this site.  The time to start preventing or treating allergies is right now. Please do not do merely what your conventional veterinarian suggests, or what you see on TV, or what the average breeder suggests. Begin now to work with holistic veterinarians, read different sites, the many holistic magazines and books. Keep a journal to know what is helping your animal companion the most.

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