2014 goals

This year I heard many celebs say not to set New Year’s Goals because people do not keep them.

I disagree totally. Setting goals carefully can inspire you to improve and be happier and more joyous. The problem comes when you then make yourself wrong for not achieving your goals, or judging that you did not them well enough, or fast enough, or …..

I would love for each of you to comment here as to what your health goals/visions/intentions are for your animals (and yourselves, if you wish) this wonderful year of 2014.

My vision is to have my cat, Ed, become even healthier this year. His only issue is one of the early warning signs, red gums and a little bit of tarter. One goal is for me to try at least one new thing every month to discover what will improve his health.  Another goal is to become better at communicating with Ed and other animals. I would love to be able to have him tell me/show me what he is thinking, not just what he wants.

Review the Early Warning Signs monthly or more with each pet to know how they are progressing health wise, and make sure you are doing your best on the 7 Keys to Health. And — learn Reiki or another energy healing technique this year.

For you, I also am committed to publishing the newsletter again on a monthly basis.

Finally, my commitment is to really spread the word to everyone about how healthy animals can be, and to start looking beyond conventional thoughts. Calling in an order to a vet supply company for fluids for one client, I asked the pharmacy woman about her pets and she was excited to learn about some different approaches. I do this with everyone – telesolicitors, customer service people from all different companies – any captive audience.

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