A cat’s life well lived

from a client and friend: Thank you for your good care of Tyson over the 17 and a half years he shared my home and heart.  I had Peaceful Pet Passages c assist him in transitioning.
Sonya King spoke with him a couple of days before and verified that he said it was time for him to go.  He had tried hard to stay around for me, but he was too tired.  He was his usual funny self.  He said he was proud of who I had grown to be and he wanted me to always remember “he was the best man I have had in my life for a long time.”  I assured him he was the best man I ever had in my life …(thus far).  That’s another intention I would like to manifest.
It has surprised me how deep my grief is around his passing.  My house feels very empty.  I do feel him around; although I can’t touch him, hold him or kiss or pet him.  I guess this too shall pass.  I am not going to get another pet for the foreseeable future.  I now have some freedom to travel without worrying about him back home. 

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