Young questioner:  My cat had this mass on his side like a tumor that opened up later and drained puss. My mom said that lately he has been down like lethargic and that it got bigger. I was wondering what it is and how might i treat it?

Me:    It was probably an abscess. Since it drained, he should become more active and feel better. When the abscess is big, cats often feel ill and do not eat. You can help him heal by giving 250 mg vitamin C twice a day for a week or so. You can get trained in Reiki and can help your cat, yourself and your friends recover from injuries or even emotional stress. You can get Rescue Remedy from a pet store and put 4 drops in an ounce of water and rub it on his back, on the healing area and put a few drops in his food.

For readers of this web site, you know there are so many different approaches that could have helped this cat when the first symptoms appeared – flower essences, nutritional supplements, homeopathy, acupressure, HTA, TTouch and more.

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