Additives to Probiotics

Kevyn Matthews, the Dog Chef, ( shared with me today as we planned the “Feeding the Best Food’ Seminar in November near Baltimore, that often probiotics have additives such as soybean oil and cornstarch.

He and I both like Mitomax (from Imagilin/Pets max city).  There are certainly other great probiotics and this is a reminder to me and you that we need to always read the labels.

I was shopping at Trader Joe’s and reminded of that for myself – saw yummy dried oranges and mangoes in bags and did not read the labels. When I opened them I was amazed at the sweetness till it finally dawned on me and I read the label – sulfites and sugar!!!

2 thoughts on “Additives to Probiotics

  1. What is your opinion about FortiFlora probiotic for cats. I have been trying to switch my cat to wet food and get her off of dry food. It’s quite a challenge, but it is important as she had an episode of urinary tract irritation due to too many struvite crystals in her urine. I know she needs more water in her diet, so wet food and maybe if possible eventually raw. To entice her to eat the wet food I sprinkle some FortiFlora on top and it is the only thing that seems to work most of the times. She still eats part dry, the urinary dry stuff…

    1. Good for you to switch off dry food. Read Anitra Frazier’s book for lots of help with this, and check out podcasts and articles on Jean Hofve and I were on a podcast and she said that switching to raw is so important that even if you do “a molecule” more each day for a year it is worth it.

      If your cat likes the fortiflora and it gets her to eat canned or fresh – go for it. Be sure to be trying fresh right now. do not leave dry out. Feed less dry than she needs – get her hungry. Learn Reiki and Reiki the raw food before putting it down. Or lightly sear the raw meat. Marinate chunks of raw meat in tuna juice if she loves that, or try canned salmon, anchovies, etc.

      Get the great freeze dried treats and crumble on the raw or canned.

      Food process in a coffee grinder the dry food to a powder and sprinkle on the raw or canned.

      Find an integrative vet now with whom to work so if the bladder issues recur (or any other problems) you will be ready. See my links page for the webs of the holistic organizations.

      Read the 7 keys to health article – no smart meter, no vaccines (they often cause bladder issues), no flea chemicals, etc.

      Thanks for taking such great care of your cat.

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