Aggression in dogs

A reader asked, “Can an aggressive dog wear a muzzle 24/7?”

Is it possible? Yes.

Will it damage them? Probably not.

Will the dog have a high quality life?  NO

I would not recommend giving up on this dog and simply resorting to a muzzle.  If you are unable to cure the dog, or to feel safe working with the dog, you may need to find another home. Bless you for trying.

There are many ways to completely cure a dog of aggression. A muzzle may be needed for a short while as the dog begins to respond to treatments, holistic or conventional.

First, it is very important to follow the 7 Keys to Health , especially to only vaccinate with the Rabies and nothing else as we have seen aggression caused by too many vaccines.

Second, I would strongly recommend working with an integrative veterinarian who is very well trained in multiple holistic modalities. Homeopathy, TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine – acupuncture and more), chiropractic and Ayurvedic would be the most likely to rebalance the underlying quantum imbalance that is causing the aggression.  This may save your dog’s life and allow him to have a normal life without having to suffer with out having to wear a muzzle.

Look for ones near you or homeopathic ones who work by phone. Go to the site for each organization.  Also very useful is reading the article on how to select and work with holistic veterinarians.
There are great trainers who can teach you how to behave with your dog so he will not be aggressive. I would read about clicker training and find a clicker trained expert near you.
There are things you can do to help your dog.
The best healing you can offer your dog is to be attuned with Reiki (read more about this totally safe modality). Look for local classes. They do not need to be animal based as Reiki helps people, animals plants and more. Offer the Reiki daily. Kathleeen Prasad offers monthly coaching classes once you are attuned to explore how to use it to help animals. Until you are attuned, please ask for this wonderful way to help any emotional issues.
Flower essences are 100% safe and may be the answer for your dog. check out the following sites for combinations, or read books of Bach flower healing for making your own combinations –,;;

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