From the Animal Wellness Magazine Ask the Vet questions I am answering:

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Q.  I have a question about the use of quercetin for a dog with seasonal environmental allergies: should I take it only during my allergy season or year round? Does long-term use decrease effectiveness? Is there any risk of overdose?

A. First, I am so glad you are looking for healthier options. I would encourage you to go to the next step, which is to look for permanent cures, not just symptom relief. When the vibrational energy field is balanced, allergies (for people and animals) completely go away and need no treatments. Until then it is safe for you to take the quercetin (and it works best if given with a great probiotic, bromelain and/or papain, which directly help allergies and help the absorption of the quercetin).

Usually human dosages are based on 125 lb person, but you do not say how many capsules are suggested on the label for a person to take. Many people are taking 500 mg twice a day, so by that measure you need about 145 mg per day. Most dosages I see are about 150 mg for a 20 lb dog, so that seems in the ballpark. Quercetin is safe for the few months of allergy season, so you could have 1/2 capsule twice a day. If it is working you can be given less, and if you are still too itchy you could give more.

Sometimes merely switching to a fresh food diet – your dog would really love that (even with raw meaty bones) or adding coconut oil or a probiotic is enough when your dog is not too itchy, so that could be used most of the year.

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