Animal Behavior (even stooling) affected by Earth’s Magnetism

A German scientist in the early 1950s wondered if magnetism was the way birds navigated on their migration routes.

In 2012 Monarch Butterflies were found to use magnetism, not always the sun to migrate.

Magnetite has been found in many animals and even people, possibly causing this internal “compass”. Now imagine what all our electronics may be disrupting!

In a December 2013 issue of Frontier of zoology, a study of 70 male and female dogs  showed “dogs preferred to excrete [urine and feces] with the body being aligned along the North–South axis under calm MF conditions.”  However, only about 20% of daylight has calm MF conditions, so practically this may not be important.

Cattle are observed to graze in a N/S alignment. Horse people have you noticed this?


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