Another Fresh food company – yea!

In Brooklyn, NY is a company I just learned about from Hunger Project and Pachamama Alliance friends. Pet Plate makes meals with whole food ingredients and delivers them to the doggie’s home. Soon to come are meals for cats, too.

While I prefer people integrate food into their family meals, in NYC that often does mean delivered food!  Pat McKay, in LA, was one of the first to deliver pre-made fresh meals and this has expanded into many communities.  Kevin, The Dog Chef – Baltimore. Celestial Cats – Celeste Yarnall – LA.

Fresh food is ALWAYS the best. If for any reason your dog is not healthier (see the Early Warning Signs of Internal Imbalance) then seek out professional holistic care as that means there is an underlying energetic imbalance that needs improvement. Variety is important, so even when using well prepared delivered meals, if you are cooking a meal, please use your fresh ingredients for that meal and save the delivered meals for when you are not cooking.


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