Atrazine fertilizer

While in Kauai I was educated on many environmental issues – you all know I am passionate about sustainability and decreasing use of chemicals that can harm people, animals and the planet. The noted speaker on Atrazine said the following, among much else:

  1. It is used with monocots (corn, sugar cane)
  2. .1ppb can cause effects
  3. dust can travel 1,000 miles
  4. Decreases testosterone and sperm counts for all species
  5. It increases estrogen, so can be a cause of breast cancer.
  6. One company makes both Atrazine and drugs to treat breast cancer – hmmmm!
  7. California, if it became its own country, would be the 5th richest in the world!
  8. There are atrazine studies.
  9. It disrupts the many protective mechanisms of the cells, such as the pumps and cell walls.

More later.

RF (radio frequency) seems to act in very similar ways (think WIFI, portable phones, smart meters on your house or in businesses!

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