Bach Flower Classes

Great weekend workshops learning all about Bach Flower treatments available at many locations:

Courtenay, Vancouver Island, BC; Philadelphia; Aldergrove, Langley BC, Canada; Austin TX; Tucson AZ;

I have used flower essences along with homeopathy for years.

Flower essences are 100% safe so you can use them, along with the Early Warning Signs of Internal Imbalance and keeping a journal, to cure many behavioral and even physical problems in your animals.

One cat who normally cried continuously in the car slept although he needed to be dosed with Rescue Remedy every 15 minutes on the hour drive to see me.

Crab Apple has helped skin problems, and Walnut with grief.

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals book by Graham and Vlamis list a wide range of problems healed with essences. A few they list include: abscesses, acne, adrenal disorders, spraying, incontinence, arthritis, barking, bladder stones, dung-eating; feather picking; obedience dogs, obesity, laminitis, constant licking.

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