Backyard Pet Waste Systems

As you know, I am always looking for ways to lessen our impact on the planet.   Many clients and friends have creative ways to handles animal waste.

First, most dogs on a raw meat diet (I know the AVMA said not to feed raw meat, but they have been dangerously incorrect before) have stools that evaporate in several days, often very powdery. My cat’s stool was smaller than the last part of my little finger. So please switch to feeding a raw meat diet if your animals thrive on it. It is easy, and if you use local ingredients or form a pet food coop, it is much cheaper. My cat’s food cost is less than half a good commercial food. Dogs Naturally Magazine, Septemper 2012 issue, has a great article by Kimythy Schultz on raw feeding. I will gift you 10 minutes free of a phone consult if you have questions about raw feeding because I am so passionate about it.

If you need to dispose of stool, there are a number of units you can bury in the ground which will compost the stool. Please comment if you are using one, or have tried one that had problems. I will update this post with some suggestions.

One groomer found bags to dispose of dog stool that can go into the municipal septic system – just flush down. They would be great if you were on a walk. At home, the buried one is best.

One thought on “Backyard Pet Waste Systems

  1. I don’t use a system though I have a friend that does and she likes it. Though I recommend putting it as far from the house as possible because it did get stinky.

    I compost my dog’s poo with the horses manure.

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