Bedwetting in dogs

Dr. Natalie Holt, in an article July 9, 2012 gave a great description of the different causes of urinary problems in dogs and the conventional treatments available. She also mentioned soy supplements, which help in some women. I have had little success with soy in people (me), so have not tried them in dogs.

I have found great success (if not 100% cure) with homeopathy and many have also been helped with acupuncture (and chinese herbs) and even Chiropractic. While there are combination homeopathic remedies for incontinence, my suggestion is to begin with Reiki and flower essences. If they do not help, go to a professional experienced with the deeper acting treatments. Then, if you have no success, try the combination homeopathic remedies. The last ditch try would be the drugs.

I have found a great flannel (so comfortable to lie on) plastic (so impervious) material in the fabric stores that works great to protect furniture and beds.

Of course my favorite laundry soap (chemicals can weaken some dog’s immune system) is from Forever Green – made with coconut and grapefruit.

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