Beef choices when purchasing

This is a great chart showing the language that can be used on beef labels and what each means. Purely Natural (if grass finished) and Organic can be good. This will be of a great help when you have to buy meat in a store. It will also help you formulate the list of questions to ask your local farmer.

Remember we are seeing ailments in pets caused by eating meats who were fed GMO crops, so supporting your local farmers and hunters is the very best you can do. You even want to notice where the deer are being hunted – are they eating the farmers’ crops – then not good meat.

the chart shows that useful questions for meat eaten by your or your pets would be:

  1. Are any grains fed? Are they organic? Are they non-GMO, and chemicals not used on the fields, even though not labeled organic?
  2. Were antibiotics or growth hormones used? How were ill animals treated?
  3. What was done for fly control?
  4. How were they slaughtered? Was it on the farm, or were they trucked away? If trucked, how far and how long did they wait upon arrival.

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