Best Foods from a chinese perspective

As you all know, I want all of us to take the time (and it is not much extra time), save money (even with big dogs) and improve the health of our pets and people by purchasing locally raised ingredients and feeding our pets the same quality we feed ourselves.

Using these same ingredients, you can further fine tune the diet by following Chinese Medicine Food Therapy (along with keeping a journal, of course, to see if it improves health) principles. these blog by Dr. Doug Kneuven give you some more insights to this:

“In my last article I wrote about Chinese food therapy and how foods have innate warming, cooling, or neutral effects on the body. We can use these food properties to balance an animal’s energy system. “Hot” pets (those who seek coolness, overheat easily, are experiencing inflammation, or are in a hot climate) can be fed cooling foods…”

You may view his latest post at:

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