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Acupressure and other Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine approaches

Learning 100% safe acupressure and having these reference books with points available will save you some veterinary visits, enhance overall health and give your pet hours of pleasure.

Four Paws, Five Directions by Cheryl Schwartz is the original and still the best book to deeply understand and apply the Chinese medicine approach to maximize health and heal ailments. Identify your pet as water, fire, air, metal or earth so you can choose the best diet, exercise and emotional interactions. For specific ailments, learn 100% safe acupressure points, best diet and supplements and even some safe Chinese herbal combinations.

By Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonas, who run the TallGrass Acupressure school with classes around the world and on-line. These handy books teach some basics and have wonderful pictures showing point locations for different illnesses as well as for general health maintenance. Their classes are also highly recommended.

The following books were discussed before include Chinese medicine details as well.

Fresh Food and Ancient Wisdom by Dr. Ihor Basko

Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine, Principles and Practice edited by Allen Schoen and Susan Wynn.

Integrating Complementary Medicine into Veterinary Practice edited by Robert Goldstein

Manual of Natural Veterinary Medicine: Science and Tradition edited by Susan Wynn and Steve Marsden

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