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Animal Communication


We would all love to really have our animals speak to us, as they do in the Land of Oz.

While we can attend classes and many can “hear” to some degree, most of us work with animal intuitives/communicators. Because they speak with so many animals, they have lots of great stories to tell us that can relieve us of guilt, worry and fear about what our pets think of us. For fun and inspiration, enjoy these books.

Kinship With All Life, by J. Allen Boone, was the first book I read on animal communication, and still inspires me daily to hesitate before taking any life. A dog actor began to speak to him, and he vowed to see the kinship with all life. Even when he started to stomp on the ants eating his much anticipated pie, he was able to stop, talk with them and give them a piece of pie outdoors if they would leave his alone. And he had a fly walk only on his clothing, not skin.  Amazing book.

The Pet Whisperer by Steve Blake is filled with true stories about cats to elephants, which he has treated over the past 30 years. You will laugh and you will cry but in the end you will come away with a feeling of hope. The stories reflect the feelings of the animals, their caregivers and Dr Blake. He has also included a resource section to help animal lovers find alternative veterinary care and natural products for keeping their pets healthy.

Animal Talk by Penelope Smith who was the first speaker I heard on animal communication at a holistic veterinary conference in the early 90s.

Kate Solisti is a great animal communicator and healer, and author of several books:
Conversations with Dog

Conversations with Cat

Conversations with Horse

Kinship with Animals – a compendium of true animal encounters by Jane Goodall, Mark Beckoff, Michael Mountain and more with a forward by William Shatner.

Reflections Of The Heart What Our Animal Companions Tell Us by Sharon Callahan.

The Pets Speak is a lovely book by a wonderful communicator, Terri Diener.

Gracie’s Tail: Conversations with DoG by Julie Bloomer

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