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Fleas, Fleas, Fleas – I Wish They Would Flee – Are you struggling with fleas? We know that healthy animals do not get fleas, yet sometimes….well….we all see those buggers. Most of us realize that toxins are responsible for many cancers and weaken immune systems. If you are using a “once a month” preventative you are using a chemical that can be toxic to some animals. They are rarely needed. Healthy animals do not get parasites. 

Fleas Be Gone – A holistic veterinarian’s guide to natural flea control – Christina Chambreau. There are many different natural (flower essences, herbs, homeopathy, crystals, tags) approaches to preventing fleas while you are building up health. Because this is a Kindle book I am able to update it frequently to keep it current.

Flea Control: A Holistic and Humorous Approach – Sex, Romance, Intrigue and Practical Ways to Kill Fleas, an incredibly funny and informative book about flea prevention. The first few chapters are about Frances and Freddie, the fleas who star in the book, their life and love affair. They tell us what fleas like (poor, weak, immuno suppressed blood to eat) and what made Freddie leave his host house (dog was, YUK, fed fresh food and supplements so his blood became too healthy to eat).


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