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 Because this is an e-Book, some assembly is required. I suggest using a 3 ring binder.

There are 2 PDFs to upload:
Click here for the first PDF – Pages to print and put into your binder. 

You may then need to click your back arrow to come back to this page.

Then click here for the second PDF – Text part that you may want to keep on the computer.

Then read the following directions and have fun!!

  1. Pages to print and put into the binder.
  1. Print the 2 bookmark pages. One side has the master symptom list and the other side has how to do a regular exam looking for the early warning signs.  (More instructions are in the text of the journal as to how to fill out the Master Symptom List with your dog’s symptoms.) I suggest folding the edges of each page and gluing together to make a firm, long lasting reference. You could glue to a piece of light cardboard.
  1. Attach the bookmark to the journal in a creative way as you do not want to lose this master symptom list and want to be able to move it into the second notebook as your dog ages. Possibly tying a ribbon through a hole you punch in the bookmark.  This is your dog’s book and you want it to be very special.
  1. Print the cover page of the journal and glue your dog’s picture or pictures onto it.  Feel free to add images of your dog in other places within the journal itself.  Since this is an eBook, you can be creative and have the pictures be any size you wish and decorate the cover to your taste.
  1. Print out the Timeline, Biography, Treatment and journaling pages and put into the binder, maybe with tabs for easy reference.
  1. Text

I suggest you keep the text part of the journal on your computer as there are links to more helpful web sites and you can press control, then left click to go directly from the table of contents to the page you want.

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Most of all, ask questions of any veterinarian, any healer, any companies – do not just give something without understanding why you are giving it. Use this journal to individualize your dog’s care to maximize health and longevity and minimize cost.

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