Can we Trust FDA?

A recent business list serve discussed how trustworthy the new FDA is to monitor pet drugs and foods. They have recently been promoting their role with pets as well as people.

So far there have been mixed reactions from the group.

1. Me – I certainly do not ever tell clients to rely on government evaluations – they can be swayed so easily. I suggest they buy fresh ingredients locally and trust their farmer/friend. Toys do not need to be purchased – they can be make at home, mostly. Following the Early Warning Signs and keeping a journal ( can help evaluate how each animal is responding to food choices.

I do recommend that we encourage everyone to report any problems they have to the FDA. I think the many reports are having an effect in cleaning up the industry.

2. there is no doubt that newly proposed food safety and supply chain security and verification steps are a move in the right direction.

3.  Will  big multinational pet food lobbyists pressure them? I don’t necessarily trust governmental organisations to be unbiased.

4. People need to perform their OWN due diligence, & simply avoid
all products & / or ingredients from suspect countries including China, Vietnam, Thailand, &
Korea.  She does not trust FDA or USDA to protect consumer interests. Yes big business lobby – and have no conscience, ethics, can’t be injured bodily or emotionally, & don’t die; they aren’t physical entities,
& their interests are often directly opposed to many physical entities, including the planet, Herself.




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