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This as a very informative newsletter!!!!  Thank you!!! As I have a dog with cancer, and am trying to keep him comfortable as long as possible, I will be watching his tongue. Colleen
dear colleen and others whose animals have cancer. Much can be done, and sometimes, animals can be completely cured.
I will share 2 cases presented recently in the Integrative Veterinary Care Journal ( in the article Homeopathy and Cancer.
1. Dr. Melling saved the life of a 10 year old shih tzu presented for euthanasia. The owner asked if there were any other options to treat the splenic tumor (and leukemia, anemia and kidney problems). She gave one dose of the homeopathic medicine that matched this dog’s individual state and within one week he had changed from an almost dead dog to a normally active dog with good appetite. There was still a mass and the blood values were normal. Several more doses of the homeopathic medicine were given, at increasing strengths over then next two years. He lived a great life and passed peacefully almost 2 years later.
2. Dr. Cooney treated a 12 year old Pointer who had been diagnosed at a teaching hospital with lymphoma (swollen abdomen, weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting, low activity). The owners had tried a homemade diet and probiotics. She was better, but the abdomen was still swollen. Often, when palliative treatments are used (and any type of treatment can be palliative), we will see some improvement, but not a deep healing. A single dose of the homeopathic medicine that matched her symptoms was given and she improved in some ways (belly not swollen, more active) but new symptoms appeared (grumpy, thirsty, fear of noises). A single dose of another homeopathic medicine that is closely related to the first remedy was given and there was much better improvement.  With a few repetitions over two years she continued to thrive and was active and playful at age 14 when the article was written.
the wonderful book, Homeopathy: What to Expect by DeBeukelar has 101 cured cases of many different species.
Many cases of cancer do not respond to homeopathy or other treatments, but just to know it is possible will open more doors for you.
Another article in the same issue (Whitlock) discussed:
  1. Diet – several studies on mice show caloric restriction and feeding a ketogenic diet (low carb) was beneficial. Many practitioners recommend eliminating all grains when dogs have cancer.
  2. Hyperbaric therapy (also another article about that)
  3. Chinese and western herbs, especially tumeric (curcumin). Articles about that are also in Animal Wellness Magazine, though focused more on pain.

Dr. Fougere discussed many approaches to oncology including:

  1. Diet – fresh, whole foods, preferably organic. She says some whole grains can be included. Yes, I know I get calls and emails all the time about different opinions from trusted people. Remember there is no right answer so you need to make your own decisions based of reading, how your pet is responding and your own common sense.
  2. Supplements – many different ones including tumeric.
  3. Acupuncture
  4. Herbal medicine – this really needs to be done by a skilled prescriber, not merely using herbs you find on the internet (though sometimes they are right and you have a great success).
  5. Antioxidents

In the Animal Wellness Magazine (get your subscription and help shelters by entering my code CCDVM when you subscribe (and send me an email so I can see if it is working) is a great case of Guiseppe, a 7 year old Swiss Mountain Dog with Osteosarcoma. He is tumor free and not lame at all by 13 months after it appeared, and 9 months after holistic treatment was started. Dr. Marsden treated with herbs, IV vitamins, diet changes and homeopathy.

another AWM article is Cancer – two views.

My advice to you, Colleen, and to others whose dogs have cancer, is to find an excellent integrative veterinarian with whom to work, learn Reiki to help with any pain, switch to a raw food diet using local healthy ingredients, give lots of love and know that each being on this planet is an energy being in a physical body for merely a short time, so enjoy every moment.


4 thoughts on “Cancer

    1. Diet will not raise platelets as far as I know, other than through generally building health (so feed a raw meat, pureed vegetable diet of local fresh foods with lots of variety). Be sure your high protein diet is made from local, free range, non GMO grain fed sources. I have completely cured low platelet counts with homeopathy, which we discussed as the best way to treat the lymphosarcoma.

      I did a search for foods to raise platelet counts and found some that make sense for dogs. I would contact a veterinarian or lay person who really knows foods – susan wynn, Beth Taylor for 2. You can also muscle test/dowse for what ones seem best – and let him choose, too. this site for people had a few suggestions, most of which were not specific to increase platelets but for associates issues. Calcium is needed to build platelets, so be sure you are feeding bone meal or whole bones, or other sources of CA. Dairy, then could be good. Pomegranates, lean meat (for the side effects), extract from papaya LEAVES, flax and coconut oils to stimulate immune system (so that depends on how you are treating the lympho), plants with Vit K (I would suggest dandelion), Vit A, chlorophyll, liver (organic only). keep me posted, Louisa.

      1. Thank you for your response and yes Apollo is on an excellent diet for cancer and my Homeopathic vet gave me suggestions which I buy as money allows and add to Apollos diet. He is seeing NEVOG on Tuesday so I can find out the exact Lymphoma so Dr. Fienman can help him better. Already his lymph nodes are smaller and he is full of life..Thank You; Louisa and Apollo PS i found out his platelet count is fine which is great news

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