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A listing of upcoming holistic animal health classes, in-person classes and webinars.


Thursday 2-3 eastern – A live webinar with Dr. Jeff Feinman and myself where you can type in questions and we both share our suggestions. The focus is helping you best care for your pets at home, understanding how they become ill and heal, ways you can help and who to go to for help. We will discuss anything anyone brings up. If you want to be sure your question is covered, please email it to me at and say it is for the Blab.




This was a wonderful group. A veterinary ophthalmologist, two vets with their own holistic clinics (Nick – Bethesda and Melissa – York, PA) and 6 lay people attended part or all of the course.  The class covered the principles and philosophy of homeopathy which apply to health in general. Then the class taught a beginning understanding of how to select and administer homeopathic remedies and evaluate their efficacy. All will leave with the ability to use homeopathy for minor problems. Pet Parents will learn when they need professional care, and all will learn when their efforts are not working and they need to consult with a certified veterinary homeopath.


The Maine class in Buckfield was wonderful. If you’ve horses in the north of Portland area, get Steve, Jana and Christine to do your dentistry and avoid power tools by anyone; and have Stacey use her holistic approaches to train & heal your horse.


January 28, 2013 – Timonium Fairgrounds, Maryland – 2-4 PM. Register at

7 Wellness Tips for Your Pet
  – with Dr. Christina Chambreau 

Don’t get stuck with sick pets and high costs – learn the keys to holistic health. Bring your dogs  (or cool cat who likes people, noise and dogs) for a health evaluation and learn the seven keys to great health.

Dr. Chambreau, a veterinarian who lectures around the world, will show you a new way of thinking about health for animals and people too. She will lecture in depth about the following: 1) Feeding the best diet can actually save you money. 2) Learning about totally safe flower essences can heal many problems, especially emotional ones. 3) Avoiding toxins will save a lot of money – fewer vaccines with their chemicals, natural approach for flea control without chemicals and more. 4) Evaluating current health status to status will let you treat at home, often avoiding expensive veterinary visits. 5) Knowing where to learn hands on healing methods. 6) Selecting and knowing how to work with healers to maximize your healing dollars. 7) Changing your perspective so you ask a lot questions and are in control of your pet’s health care.



Animal Hospice Conference – Sacramento – University of California Davis –
Body Work by Linda Booren – available from May 30 through June 19 in Maryland. Contact  Cheryl Swing ( for an appointment. Cheryl is also one of the organizers of the occasional visits of Mark Havercos, a wonderful veterinarian who does acupuncture, network chiropractic and more. Contact Cheryl to get on the email list for notifications.


August, Buckfield Maine at Healing Spirit Farm. 2 day Introduction to Homeopathy for all animals.

Tues, July 17 3 PM eastern – holistic health for animals live call in radio show  –

22 Jul 2012 1:00 PM • breathe books, 810 W 36th Street, Baltimore, MD

May 6, 2012 – Portland Oregon – Introduction to Homeopathy (2 vets took the class)

Introduction to Complementary Care for Animals – Dogs & Co. Columbia, MD 21045

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