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The Greater Washington Dalmatian Club is hosting a Homeopathy Course taught by Dr. Christina Chambreau Friday September 30 – Sunday October 2, 2016 in Lexington Park, MD If you have ever been interested in Homeopathy or a Holistic method to care for your animals, this is the class for you!

Friday, September 30 ‐ Overview of Homeopathy Class
Stand alone class

• History and principles  and how to apply them to every aspect of life and healing.

• How remedies are made so you can understand how to select different potencies.

• Learn how remedies are tested (provings).

• Debunk some homeopathic myths.

• Learn to avoid obstacles to cure such as feeding the best, vaccinating the least, using the fewest toxins, avoid EMFs and much more.

• Leave knowing how to become trained in Reiki; how to use flower essences; knowing how to create a healing team for your animals and where to learn other healing modalities.

• Leave knowing how to work with a professional homeopath, how to select a few remedies yourself and ways to administer them.


Pre-requisite – Friday night class

• How to take a case of an animal • How to elicit the specific symptoms needed to find a medicine • Questions to discover causes of each historical problem • Prioritizing symptoms • Organization of the repertory (index of symptoms) • Different repertories – their uses • How to translate animal symptoms into the human symptoms • Common mistakes in rubric (symptom and the remedies) selection


• Case analysis to narrow the choices of remedies from 4,000 to 5 or 10. • Use of Materia Medica to make the final selection. • Individualizing the potency (strength) selection. • Evaluating the health status to select the frequency of dosing. • Methods of medicine administration and when to re‐evaluate. • Evaluating the response of the animal to the medicine (or to any other types of treatments) • Over time, is the animal becoming cured, palliated or suppressed? • Eliminating obstacles to obtaining a curative response. • Are all conditions curable? How to manage cases where cure is not possible.

For more information or to register, contact Tracie Tepke via email:


$350 for the 2 ½ day course
$300 for the 2 ½ day course EARLY BIRD Discount*
$75 Friday ONLY
$300 Saturday & Sunday only (with instructor permission)

* For the Early Bird discount, payment must be received by 8/31/16

NO refunds after 9/16/16. Refunds prior to 9/15/16 will be made minus $50.


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