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///Carroll country Pet Expo June 15
Carroll country Pet Expo June 152013-09-05T08:36:18+00:00

the Westminster Kennel Club is sponsoring, hosting, responsible for an awesome annual event.
Saturday, June 15, 2013 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Animal Reiki Alliance is sponsoring several speakers at that event. Currently they include:

1.       Diet & Nutrition: Feeding Your Pet Naturally
This workshop offers a discussion of healthy ways to feed your pet, avoiding the  store bought food containing animal byproducts, grains and other items that are difficult to digest and not nutritional for animals. This workshop will discuss raw food diets for animals, nutritional therapy according to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, as well as some practical tips for making your own food for your animal companions and some easy recipes that you too can make at home.
Presenters: Christina Chambreau, DVM, Krysta Bailey (Diet & Nutrition Certification)
2.       Introduction to Alternative Healing for Animals
Animals are thinking, loving, emotional beings who want to be our partners in life. Often, we humans are in the position to make critical decisions about the health, life or death of our animal companions – are we making the right decisions? Learn about holistic practices that can support traditional veterinary care, such as massage, and Energy Healing (Reiki, Reconnective Healing).  The presenters will also share some techniques that you can use at home with your animal companions.
Presenters: Kathleen Lester, Inez Donmoyer
3.       Flower Power: How Flowers Can Bring Healing to Animals
This workshop will discuss the use of herbs, flower essences and essential oils, all remedies made from plants and flowers that are used for prevention, health and well being and to treat specific ailments. Herbs have been used in food and medicine since the beginning of time, and in fact our pharmaceutical drugs are often synthetic replacements for herbs. Flower essences are derived from flower petals and distilled through a special process. Essential oils are the aromatic extracts from flowers, stems, leaves, roots, seeds, etc. and are also distilled and have many healing properties. Step back in time with us to see how plants and flowers can keep our animals happy and healthy.
                Presenters: Christina Chambrea, DVM, Shari Sternberger
706 Agriculture Center Shipley Arena; Westminster, MD 21157

For more information about the event contact Helen Dagilis at 410-857-7869 or
helen.dagilis@carrollcountytimes.  for more event about the talks go to the Animal Reiki Alliance site.

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