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August 17th and 18th -Buckfield,ME

Are you frustrated with what conventional medicine offers?

Skin issues  vomiting  colic  heaves  asthma  Lyme disease  mastitis                      

behavior issues  discs  ACL’s  cancer  kennel cough

Homeopathy can help!

 The workshop covers:

  1. History and basic principles of homeopathy
  2. How remedies are prepared and administered
  3. Understanding the use of the repertory (if serious, need to bring a repertory or purchase one, and the Repertory tutorial, too) to narrow the choices of remedies for this animal.
  4. Choosing the remedy, potency and frequency.
  5. Evaluating the response of the remedy
  6. Obstacles to cure (diet, vaccines, drugs, chemicals, exercise, human emotions and interactions, etc.)

The workshop will be tailored to the student’s needs. I really mean this. Those of you who have been listening to my classes and blogs know that I am committed to finding ways to explain how to maximize health while minimizing effort and cost.

This is an amazing class to happen in Maine. Dr. Chambreau has practiced homeopathy and taught internationally since 1987.


Healing Spirit Farm

93 S.Whitman School Road


From 9:00-4:30

$200.00 for 2 days

Limited Seating- $100 deposit due by  August  10th

Register now: Stacey Scotia-207-739-9302 –




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