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May Homeopathy Class I am so excited to be teaching a complete series of homeopathy for animals classes – on the West Coast this time. The following is from the host web site –– please go there for even more links and information and to register. email me with any questions about content, and Jane with any logistical questions.

We are pleased to host Dr. Christina Chambreau: an internationally known homeopathic veterinarian, lecturer and author of the Healthy Animal’s Journal. Graduating from the University of Georgia Veterinary College in 1980, she began using homeopathy in her veterinary practice in 1983. She had been helping in veterinary clinics since she was 11 and knew virtually nothing about holistic approaches. Then a client introduced her to the true paradigm of the holistic approach which includes all methods of treatment.

Teaching these principles to animal guardians and encouraging veterinarians to begin using homeopathy and other holistic modalities became her passion. Dr. Richard Pitcairn, Dr. Chambreau and Dr. Jana Rygas worked together to found the Academy Of Veterinary Homeopathy in 1995. From 1990 through 2003 she was on the faculty of the National Center for Homeopathy’s Summer School until they discontinued the Summer School. The wonderful head of the Maryland Veterinary Technician Program, Jack Stewart, hired her as a holistic modality adjunct faculty liaison and instructor beginning in 2004. Also starting in 2004 she taught as part of the Prince George’s Feral Friends Summer School, teaching Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced homeopathy classes. People from Israel, Hong Kong, Germany, England, Japan, Canada and most states have attended her classes over the years. We are lucky enough to have Dr. Chambreau come to the Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast from May 11 through 25th, 2013 to teach several homeopathic courses  to pet owners, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, wildlife rehabbers, shelter  and rescue angels and anyone working with animals, homeopaths and anyone  interested in helping animals through homeopathy. The course will be held at the beautiful Rockwood House -walking distance to downtown Sechelt. The Sunshine Coast is just a 40 minute ferry ride from West Vancouver and has beautiful beaches and hiking trails, lots of wildlife and all the amenities you could want! For more on our community please visit Sechelt Tourism or the District of Sechelt websites. If you are coming from out of town, we have hotels, motels,  and bed and breakfasts to accommodate out-of-town guests.  (Links are at her site.) Participants can choose one or all of the following courses: Course one: weekend (May 11 & 12): Covers how to have a healthier dog or cat, an introduction to the power and principles of homeopathy and an understanding of how it can help your animals live a longer, healthier life (Some books are required). $300.00 tuition. 

11 – Sat – Introduction to True Health for Your Animals

1.      7 Keys to healthy animals

2.      Feeding the best

3.      Vaccination

4.      Evaluation of response to any treatments

5.      Healing modalities you can do yourself

6.      Creating a healing team to add in other modalities

12 – Sun – Introduction to Homeopathy for Your Animals

1.      History of Homeopathy

2.      Basic Principles

3.      How Remedies are Prepared, stored and administerd

4.      Overview of case taking, case analysis, potency selection, evaluation of    response

5.      Obstacles to cure

6.      First aid remedies

Course two: 5 days (May 13-17): This more detailed   introduction to homeopathy  covers more in depth case taking, repertorization, remedy and potency selection, evaluation of response, and review of procedure. Books required. $750.

  1. Day 1: Taking the case – how to elicit the symptoms of the animal, now and from the past; what is important; predicting the outcome; using test strategies to find out what makes symptoms better or worse.
  2. Day 2: Repertory study -how to use this index of symptoms, how to find animal symptoms in the repertory, what animal symptoms are not present.
  3. Day 3: Case analysis procedure to select the remedy that best matches this animal. Descriptions of remedies often used in animals (materia medica).  What strength (potency) to give.
  4. Day 4: Evaluating the response of the animal to the remedy – was it curative; gave only partial help (palliative), or caused deeper illness (suppression). Deciding on next steps.
  5. Day 5: Review of the whole process with participants cases (and ones from Dr. Chambreau).

Course three: 5 days (May 20-24): Advanced Course for people who have taken levels one and two and would like to learn more, and for homeopaths who would like to work with animals. Books are required. $750.00 tuition. 

This course is for homeopaths, anyone familiar with homeopathic prescribing and for those who have completed levels 1 and 2.  Dr Willow Moore, a Naturopathic Doctor and Chiropractor will teach along with Dr Chambreau. The course will cover all aspects of prescribing for animals (case taking, repertory study, case analysis, first and second prescriptions, evaluations of response, tricks of the trade when using homeopathy for animals. This course is tailored to the students who attend. Bring your animals cases, your questions, your challenging areas of animal prescribing. Email what you want covered so Dr. Chambreau can plan more specifically.

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