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Sponsoring Healthy Animal Courses

Taught by Christina Chambreau, D.V.M.


I will teach any type of homeopathic or holistic overview course for animals.  See the full resume for a complete list for the last 20 years. I tailor each course or lecture to the requests of the people putting on the course.  All courses emphasize the level of health that can be attained; one that is much better than most of us think is possible. People learn that many symptoms we think are normal are really hints of the underlying imbalance that deeply affect our animals and ourselves.  These early warning symptoms include:  dogs always smell a little, ears have to be cleaned out weekly or more often, shorter life spans, problems changing foods, thyroid problems, cats just have to vomit hair balls occasionally, and one just has to tolerate smelly dogs and cats who urinate around the house.  I show that these and many others are symptoms of  an underlying disease, and speak about the healing modalities (acupuncture and homeopathy) that can really cure, not just get symptoms to go away temporarily.  I also cover modalities that are so easy for people to use successfully, such as flower remedies, T-Touch, massage, herbs, acupressure, etc.


Basic talks

HOLISTIC HEALTH FOR ANIMALS is for people who are interested in having their animals be healthier and live longer.  They may be completely new to the holistic approach.  I cover the definition of health, response to treatments, different modalities, nutrition, basic health care and the vaccination controversy.  This is targeted to people who generally do not have much experience in these areas, and want to have healthier animals.  Time frame: 1 hour to 2 days.


BEGINNING HOMEOPATHY is for people who are intrigued by homeopathy. I cover the history, preparation and administration of remedies, obstacles to cure such as diet, drugs and vaccines, how to use the “quick find” books to treat acute problems or begin to treat chronic problems. This is targeted at people who are already holistic.


INTERMEDIATE HOMEOPATHY FOR ANIMALS is for people who have already chosen homeopathy as the modality to treat their animals and want to learn how to do chronic/constitutional prescribing.  Some take the course simply to improve their understanding of the whole process to help them work with their practitioner. Some take it as a first step to using homeopathy in their practice or to developing a lay practice working under an interested veterinarian. In this course I cover:  Philosophy; history and how homeopathy works; how to take a case; how Kent’s repertory is set up (spending 3 hours or so therefore they MUST have a copy of a repertory, Kent’s or better) including animal rubrics and additions; how to select the remedy; what potency to give and how to give it; and most importantly, how to evaluate the response of the animal to the remedy and what to do next.  I also cover all the material from the one day course, especially nutrition and vaccination. Time frame 2 ½ days, or expanded over 6 days in a row as we do for the National Center for Homeopathy, or multiple days over several weeks. The more days you can schedule, the better you will learn the material. There are two required books: a Repertory(Kent, Synthesis, or Complete) and a Materia Medica (Boericke, Morrison, Vermuellen, Murphy, Clarke, Hering, Allen, or others)


ADVANCED HOMEOPATHY goes into more depth depending on the skill level of the group attending. Time frame – whatever is needed.


KEEPING A JOURNAL FOR HEALTH AND MEMORIES could be a course tailored to those people who see the benefit (or are interested in seeing the benefit) of tracking all symptoms over time.  They would learn how to evaluate the result of any treatments they are choosing, when to choose a different approach, which areas of health are most critical to their individual animal. I would also cover techniques for tapping into the intuition or universal knowing.  Learning how to perform a regular physical exam and what problems would be an early warning of problems is a key part of this workshop, so I would need a live dog and cat to be present. Participants could all bring their own animals if well behaved, for part of the class.






VETERINARIAN’S 2 HOUR LECTURE is often needed because they feel more comfortable exploring a new area with fellow colleagues. Veterinary technicians could be included.  Research who is interested and their best times. Could be Saturday night, or 8 – 10 on Friday night, or…  A minimal fee should be charged ($20) and food provided.


HUMAN HOMEOPATH’S LECTURE is for trained homeopaths who want to know how it is applied to animals. This can be a few hours to a day.


My fees

(based on $200.00 per hour the average course would be:)

One day, 7 hour course: $1,400 plus expenses.

Two and a half day course (7 hours per day):  $3,000 plus expenses.

Three day and longer courses would be at $1,200 per day.

Short talks:  $400 plus expenses, if possible.

These fees are negotiable for non-profits.  I am committed to education and will work with you for a successful seminar.  Some companies will underwrite the costs of seminars.

More details available on request at

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