co-species relating – class with Jessica Dibb

April 28, from 10-6 is a not to be missed day with Jessica Dibb and a room full of caring animal guardians committed to finding the best way to interact with all animals. When I participated last year, there were veterinarians, children, men and women who loved animals, most with companions of their own. We shared about our relationships, healed grief and guilt, learned to communicate and appreciate all animals at a deeper level.


So block off  sunday april 28 from 10-6 (actually come early to enjoy the spiritual depth of the Inspiration Community site), register now and be ready to grow.  To register and for more information: click here

This workshop will include:


  1. Communicating with animals
  2.  Animals as companions, healers, students, teachers, and soul mates
  3.  Working with health issues spiritually, holistically and conventionally
  4. Attuning to an animal’s life purpose
  5. Attuning to an animal’s spiritual path
  6.  Animals’ work with the Earth
  7.  Animal birth and death

We will focus on supporting the inner journeys and the life-purposes of animal companions, farm animals, and wild animals – from insects to whales – and receive inspiration and practical tools for participating in the gifts each animal is trying to bring to the world.

In the process participants will be transformed by contact with the deep wisdom and dedication that animals bring to our lives and the planet. Animals have their paths of soul development and spiritual unfolding.  In a truly mutual relationship both animals and humans benefit from the support and wisdom of the other.

JESSICA DIBB is founder and director of Inspiration Community, Inc. For 25 years, she has developed an integrated model of psycho spiritual healing and growth which supports self-actualization and consciousness through all stages of life, from conception to death.  Animals have been an integral part of her life and teaching.

To register and for more information: click here



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