cushings dog significantly better

Dr. Michael Dym posted:

Meet Licorice Johnson, an 11 year old F/S Cockapoo, who presented on September 13, 2015 with a history of chronic skin allergies, including long term visits to a veterinary dermatologist, allergy testing, allergy vaccines, etc. Licorice had recently developed signs of Cushings Disease, including excessive panting, thirst, urination and appetite, as well as an enlarged abdomen and thinning hair coat. She had been on the Royal Canine Venison and Potato Hypoallergenic Diet, and .2mg synthroid twice daily. With the help and support of Chef Loreen Playford, she was changed to a fresh and balanced home prepared diet, and started on nutritional therapies and supplements to balance her adrenal and thyroid glands. Within only 6 to 8 weeks, Licorice’s guardian reports that she is “acting like a puppy again”, with jumping and playing like she has not done in years. Her hair coat is coming in thick and healthy, as well as a black color for the first time in years. She is no longer excessively panting, drinking or urinating and she has lost a healthy amount of weight. Her blood alkaline phosphatase levels, which are typically increased in Cushings Disease, have been reduced by 500%!! Her synthroid dose has also been reduced by 75%. Licorice is certainly happy and ready for the upcoming Christmas and holiday season…

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