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//David Murdock recommends vegetables

David Murdock recommends vegetables

Here is a man with a lot of money who realizes we are what we eat (and we know that is true for many of our animals, too). From this one article I do not know if he is connected to the spiritual side/holistic approaches. I am sharing about him in hopes someone knows someone who can speak more with David about our approaches. Maybe get some funding for research for animals, too.
David Murdock is head of Dole and more. Read about him in AARP magazine april/may 2013.
kannapolis, NC is the new research plant opened in 2008.
“losing his family has given him an inner drive to do something for other people.”
He created lab space to connect researchers from the state’s major universities to scientists who could creat products. Discover plants’ life-giving powers and deliver them to people.
Named his local restaurant “46” for number of chromosomes.
“In order to do the impossible you must see the invisible.”
“I didn’t need all my money, so I decided I’ll spend it for science. I’m interested in keeping myself alive forever, and so I want to look after other people the same way I look after myself.
Studying the DNA of local residents (35 million so far).
Tufts – Jeffrey Blumberg

Superfoods. Nutrigenomics,
Quercetin is now in a starburstlike chew.
Study: people who ate more than two servings of fruit and three servings of veges had fewer chemical markers of aging in their blood.

Imagine if his campus in NC were integrating holistic care as well as “starburst like vegetable candies”.

Imagine if his campus was also looking at the leading edge of energy healing – imagine ourselves and our animals well and having that happen. Imagine using his influence to spread the word so every person and animal guardian knows of the wide range of healing options.


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