Dental Health

In the February 2009 issue of Cat Fancy, Jan Bellows, a dental specialist, says that bad breath indicates bacteria or food collecting under the gum line. In my experience as a holistic veterinarian for 28 years, I see bad breath is one of the early warning signs that a cat is not completely healthy. When cats are cured of illnesses holistically, many of them develop a sweet breath and do not build up tarter – and do not need brushing. In addition to the article’s suggestions, explore the many holistic alternatives to so improve health that the teeth have no tarter and the breath is normal.

Other “Early Warning Signs of Illness” will resolve as you feed a better diet, vaccinate much less and treat any symptoms integratively – use drugs only as a last resort. In the article they mention that some holistic people say to feed chicken necks or tough chunks of meat but indicate this is not safe because of E. Coli or Salmonella. Even though this article is old, all of you feeding a raw meat diet to your cats could send a letter to the editor of the benefit and safety for you of raw meat diet.

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