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Dog Flu Virus

A recent post on the mercola site made it seem that the canine flu virus was new.  Horses have been getting it for 40 years and in 2004 a dog was reported to have it.  Much of what Dr. Becker writes in the article is very interesting, so worth going to this site. I will give a few highlights of his article with my comments.

Gives some interesting info on the type of virus and its relationship to humans.

The infection rate is high (100%), 80% develop symptoms 2 to 4 days after exposure, most of whom recover in a few weeks. It is mostly seen where dogs are in stressed and in close quarters – shows, racing, shelters and kennels (yea for pet sitters).

Remember that the goal of the holistic approach is to build the immune system and to balance the vibrational pattern so that a dog could become infected, be slightly off and recover easily. None of my client’s dogs have been infected that we know of.

Spread can be aerosol, dog to dog, or via human hands and clothing.  Washing hands between dogs is good if one dog is ill.

Dr. Becker agrees with me about the vaccine – “Just say no!

Too many, especially non-core,  vaccines like those for CIV, can wreak havoc on your dog’s immune system, actually compromising its ability to protect your pet from pathogens like the H3N8 virus.

Unfortunately, many vets jump on the ‘latest and greatest vaccine’ bandwagon, making every recently created vaccine a part of their required protocol. Vaccines are moneymakers for vet practices, and stirring client fears of all the possible newly identified strains of viruses their beloved companions may be exposed to is a good way to drum up business.

Remember, the only vaccine required by law is the rabies vaccine. If a particular veterinary clinic tells you any other vaccine is ‘required,’ they are citing their own business policy – not state law. If any pet-related enterprise (vet practice, groomer, boarding kennel, etc.) has vaccine requirements you don’t agree with, you’re under no obligation to do business with them. You’re free to take your pet elsewhere, which is certainly what I would do rather than submit my dog or cat to unnecessary, potentially toxic vaccines.”

He goes on to give the same natural remedies we talk about at this site – prevention by building health with the following:


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Christina Chambreau, DVM, graduated from the University of Georgia Veterinary College in 1980 and has had a Homeopathic Veterinary Practice since 1988. She is co-founder and was Chair for the Academy of Veterinary homeopathy. She is the author of Healthy Animal’s Journal: What You Can Do to Have Your Dog or Cat Live a Long and Healthy Life; Healthy Dog Journal ebook; Fleas Be Gone kindle; and co-author of Tutorial and Workbook for the Homeopathic Repertory and How to Have a Stress Free Wedding and Live Happily Ever After. She has written and is quoted in many magazines. She lectures at veterinary conferences around the world. She speaks and gives classes for animal enthusiasts and practitioners. She is committed to empowering people to heal their animals and themselves in a way that heals the planet.

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