Epulis and ears

In the post on July 29 I covered the basic answers to any health related question for people or animals (probably plants too). Remember to thank Mother Earth each time you go for a walk – and the trees, water…all life. They so appreciated being thanked.

We cover this approach to animal health – empowering you to be in charge rather than merely doing what the vet says – at the Holistic Actions! Academy. Our next class is on behavior and brain disease, and covers the approach that works for all dis-ease.

My facebook post asked people what issues they have and what they want covered in talks.

CharmNal asked:

how to help a friends dog with an oral epulis – with homeopathy – possible to make a remedy from a piece of the tumour or better to treat constitutionally ? Also another dog with reoccurring ear itchiness/discharge and smell ( like dead fish-:) Ear,Eye, Nose and Throat: Lumps,Bumps and Oddities ?!

First be sure to read the July 29 post, and be grateful for ear problems as they indicate a healthier vital force (can push the imbalance to the skin/ear where it is not life threatening.

Second, since you have at least a little familiarity with homeopathy (you may want to read articles on my site), I find that constitutional homeopathy (finding the remedy that matches the individual, not merely the “condition or illness”) is really the ONLY way to begin treatment. Otherwise you are likely to eliminate a symptom and actually make the vital force worse…shortening the life and causing more problems.

Specifically to answer this person’s questions.

  1. It is possible to make a remedy from the epulis, then the vital force will probably make a more serious ailment elsewhere. Also, many animals have epulis their entire life with no problems, so it is very important to avoid merely removing this symptom through local prescribing.
  2. Often recurring skin/ear problems resolve with a fresh food diet. If not, again the best is constitutional. Ear discharges, Generalities discharges – neither has fishy, though I have read that in materia medica, so a computer search may show that. Ear discharges, offensive is good. Make the distinction between offensive, putrid, fetid. Ear discoloration redness, if that is accurate. Ear itching – sub rubrics if you can. Ear, inflammation. Look for modalities. Test for heat or cold applications help/hurt. Of course, you need a three legged stool with symptoms in other areas of the body to be even possibly successful.

OK – to many of you – that was a walk on another planet with a whole new language. I will be teaching a 6 day class introducing homeopathy to you in Gaithersburg Maryland on a great horse farm Spring of 2018. Email me if interested.


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