Hereford, MD – Nutrition workshop – Nov 16

November 16 Hereford, MD

Diet & Nutrition Workshop – Healing Our Animal Companions from the Inside Out

Kathleen Lester, ED ARA, Moderator, email for more information.
Reiki, treating and feeding the whole animal and creating a healing team

Christina Chambreau, DVM
Health benefits and consequences of diet choices

Kendell Reichhart, Holistic Health Counselor
How urine, blood and saliva are health indicators. Slides of live blood preps showing differences between              fresh and processed diet.

Kevyn Matthews, The Dog Chef & TV personality
Easy ways to prepare food for your animals as you make your own meals. Potential harm from processed            foods & supplements – allergins, toxins, labeling issues and more. How the brain reacts to nutrients.

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