Financial Help in Indianapolis area

The November 2011 issue of the Veterinary Practice News made me smile with an article about Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine starting a program to help veterinary students get needed practice while helping provide veterinary care to low-income residents in Marion county, near Indianapolis.

In September, 2011,  they announced the start of the program in the Purdue News. A woman concerned with pet owners with financial hardships gave an anonymous $100,000 donation that was matched by Elanco company.

Fourth year veterinary students and veterinary technician students will work with 3 clinics to provide basic vaccines, health exams, heartworm tests at scheduled clinics for people who have been approved by a community group. “…other care will be provided at the discretion of the clinician in charge…as long as funding permits.”

From a holistic perspective, we need donors to step forward to create similar programs to teach students and animal guardians alternative modalites. This program could provide a template for such programs across the country.

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