Fleas be gone

I opened an email from Animal Wellness magazine, saw an article on Fleas and checked the author – It was ME!!!!

Edited a bit and of course way too short, but carries the most important message – healthy dogs and cats just do not get fleas. If they get one or two, they do not get allergic reactions from them.

This year my 14 year cat felt a little grubby one day (he does go out) so I looked at the skin – he was covered with fleas and flea dirt. Must have gotten into a fox den, or something because in 14 years he had never had more than one or two fleas a summer, and a little of Green Hope Farms “flee free” and he was fine (not sure that was even needed but totally safe so I did use it, and sprayed the yard with several squirts and a request for fleas to flee!!!.

For friends of yours who are still plagued by fleas, you may want to gift them with my Fleas Be Gone Kindle book (do not need a Kindle to get them – any computer will do), soon to be available in audio as well.

Feed the best   Since improving health is key to preventing attack from pests, good nutrition is vitally important. As always, start with the healthiest, highest-quality, whole foods-based diet you can afford. Me – feeding a fresh food diet is usually cheaper than a high quality commercial one. If it is not for you, then contact me for a consult to get you on the family meal plan.  Garlic (there are even some that help in the yard for mosquitos and ticks & bug off garlic pills), Noni (I like the one from Kauai, my favorite island – and organic apple cider vinegar (or make your own).

Flea Tags are micro micro emissions specific for each bug and each species. I like shootags which are particularly effective if used early in the season. If they dangle too much, you can tape or sew them to the collar (remember to not use a collar for walking your dog or cat – harnesses are healthier).

Follow the 7 keys to health – feed the best; vaccinate the least (only Rabies for most animals); use holistic approaches at home whenever possible. Do preventative Reiki, Tellington T Touch, acupressure, Healing Touch for Animals and more at home daily! Have a healing team and avoid conventional veterinarians unless they are open to the methods of building health you want to use.

Think “prevent, not kill” – do I kill fleas when I find them? Yes, if I am sitting on my couch inside, no if I am outside. Do I spray a pesticide in the house or yard? No. Will I spray a natural barrier (garlic, cedar oil, etc) around the perimeter of my yard? yes. And again, the best prevention is to build up the health of your animals.

You can learn more about building health, and Holistic Medical Decision Making, at www.HolisticActions.com.  The next class will be on joint issues.




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