Fleas, fleas, fleas from Dr. Doug

Dr. Doug addresses the challenges of fleas in this blog post .

I love that he starts with what I feel is most important – building up health. Few really healthy dogs or cats have fleas, or no more than a very few.

A current dog I am treating for air licking (an early hint that seizures may occur) started itching several weeks after getting his remedy and then they saw 4 fleas (they flea comb daily).  Because she kept such a great journal, we discovered that the fleas appeared the days that his vital force was beginning to start to really heal itself. He airlicked for a longer time, unzipped her purse to get at paper to eat, had a loose stool – all around the day she found the fleas. Since then no fleas, less air licking, normal stools and increased energy.

Remember for lots of clues on dealing with fleas – get my kindle book – FLEAS BE GONE: A Holistic Veterinarian’s Guide to Natural Flea Control.

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