Flower Essences for Stress

From facebook – Leanne –

Reading this on your website (and added to right now)  – “Rescue remedy(Bach) or animal emergency trauma solution from Green Hope Farms, Spirit Essences, Anaflora or other essence companies are perfect to have for the holidays.  Put one drop in a separate water bowl – and to help people put a few drops in any vase of water. Put 4 drops of extract in 1 oz of spring water in a dropper bottle. Give about a few drops or more in every meal and every few hours in between. You cannot use it too often for nervousness, pain, anxiety, itching or general stress. It is totally safe for people and animals. The dilution or cream is good on wounds, for skin problems, even itchiness. You can never harm with the gentle flower essences.
Leanne asked:
Is Rescue Remedy the same as homeopathic remedies? LESS IS BEST?..I am forever buying bottles of this stuff..so a diluted form is adequate?My answer: Actually, less is best does not really describe homeopathy. Many have taught that quantity does not matter with remedies, then as we learned more we discovered that some people and animals do best with a larger or a smaller quantity. The key of homeopathy is to find the right energetic match – the similimum – the remedy whose symptoms in a test (proving) most closely match the current and past symptoms of the patient.  The incorrect remedy can cause new symptoms to appear or a decrease in energy.

Now flower essences – totally safe. Usually merely a few drops diluted will do the trick if administered frequently.  The key with essences is to give them 4-5 times a day. Some animals seem to react better to a stronger dilution. I would start with more dilute as above, then if needed try more frequently, then try stronger. The non-alcohol essences can be given straight as well. And some dogs do not mind the alcoholic Bach essences.  Do not waste your money buying the “pet rescue remedy” – they have just diluted it already for you. Try making your own “intentional” rescue remedy – put some water in a jar, label it Rescue Remedy – think good thoughts to it and see if it works as well.

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