Fluoride may be Toxic – in children’s vitamins

We often forget that common household items can be toxic to our cherished animals. Toothpaste is one, and now children’s vitamins are another.

Read labels carefully as they are now adding fluoride to children’s vitamins so if a dog or cat eats the vitamins, there could be toxic reactions and even death. Personally, I suggest you never have any fluoride product in the house other than toothpaste (and only if really needed).

I have always known of some toxicity, but was prompted to see the amounts from the Merck Veterinary Manual for acute poisoning –  5-10 mg/kg can cause death and toxic effects can be seen even below 1 mg/kg.  Remember that this would be on an individual basis with some animals more susceptible than others. The healthier the animal the less likely to have trouble with any poison.

Chronic poisoning can also cause symptoms.

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