Foods – worries about peas

Recently I was asked about green peas in dog food being toxic.

this is one of the reasons I recommend feeding fresh food – you know what ingredients you are feeding.

Green peas are safe, though they are high in carbohydrate, like many vegetables, so would not be good for dogs with cancer. some dogs love to eat frozen green peas in the summer (I do too!).

When trying to evaluate the commercial brands you may be still feeding, there is a site full of information about pet foods that seems to be updated frequently.

Many people want to switch to raw food and take the first step by using a prepared raw food diet. One that I like is BARF and there are many other good ones.

Keeping a journal and tracking the Early Warning Signs of Internal Imbalance can help you discover if there are foods or supplements that make your pets healthier or less healthy.



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