Founder of Animal Chiropractic Dead

I just learned that Sharon Willoughby-Blake has passed over to play with all the spirits on the other side.  She graduated from veterinary college 10 years before me, then went on to become a chiropractor after seeing a chiropractor help a dog she thought would die. In the late 80s, when I was helping get homeopathy for animals moving forward, she forged the entire organization and courses in Animal Chiropractic that could be taken by Chiropractors and Veterinarians alike. She withstood the flak from both of those communities so that most people can now have access to animal chiropractic. Please go to her memorial book and read the wonderful impact this woman made for animals and people. I am moved to tears as I read these plaudits.

I was at conferences where she spoke and chatted with her at breaks.  She was a powerful, committed, inspired, positive woman who made a difference in my life.

Remember to let everyone in your life know they have made a difference – write a card or email a day to someone who has moved you.

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