fun Book – following atticus

Just read following atticus by Tom Ryan. What a wonderful read. This was one special, amazing dog. the breeder, Paige, is integral to the story from beginning to end. this dog never wore a collar or leash and was perfectly behaved.  I am not recommending this for every dog. This book shows how it could be possible and the amount of time and connection needed (he is with the dog almost every moment of the day.

While most people are inspired by the fact that this dog climbed the mountains of New Hampshire in winter and summer, I was most inspired by the incredible connection between man and dog. Also it is a great reminder that every person and every dog is different. There is no right or wrong way to live with your dog (well as long as you are kind). Following your heart is one of the keys to a successful relationship.

Tom was unwilling to ever leave Atticus alone at hospitals the several times drastic treatments were needed. Again, this is a reminder to follow your heart and fight for the care you want from professionals.



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