Gemstone newsletter 3 2013

a great healer and long time friend of mine has started a newsletter about the healing properties of gemstones.  Read the first issue here.

she speaks about the EMF blocking properties (very important now) of the first gem – amazonite. Be sure to opt-out of having a smart meter put outside your home as it puts out 1,000 times the damaging EMF. Read more about smart meters. I have now

The first stone I’d like to talk about is Amazonite. Oh what a yummy stone. The blue is like the Caribbean sky. The green with white stripes reminds me of a barber shop pole. LOL Last year I couldn’t stay away from it. I made pieces of jewelry of all kinds. I fell madly in love with Black Gold Amazonite. Now Guidance tells me the black tourmaline in the stone is great for blocking EMF’s from electronics. That makes me even more inspired this year because I am really into making jewelry to block the EMF’s from all the cell phone, portable phone, TV, etc. use that is more and more prevalent these days.

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