Sweet quote about heartfelt sharing

Lovely quote that I have modified a bit. Please modify for any species of animal who is special for you.

It came to me that every time
I lose a dog or a cat, they take
a piece of my heart with them.

Every dog or cat who comes into my life
Gifts me with a piece of their heart.

If I live long enough, all the components of my heart
will be dog or cat, and I will become as
generous and loving as they are.

2 thoughts on “Sweet quote about heartfelt sharing

  1. I am surprised to not have any comments on this post as when I read the title just now…I thought it was about heart transplants. Please comment on posts. Where it says “no comment” is the place to click to leave comments on any blog posts.

  2. Dr. C.

    This is beautiful prose which I’m just now seeing for the first time on July 4.

    I believe you would have many of your current [and future] followers posting comments and engaging in dialogue if you had some kind of widget on your site so we could get email alerts when there is a reply to a post … much like Facebook.

    I had no idea you had posted a response to my “birthday present” for you and my inquiry about my Chihuahua’s eye tearing until I happened to come back to your web site for a product you might recommend.

    When I clicked on your “Blog” link, I saw there was a comment and recommendations from you to me [thank you].

    Had I received an email alert with a link that a comment was posted, I would have known right away. I think you would see a great deal of activity here if followers received such alerts.

    I’m not a web designer, but I have communicated with the web designer who maintains the non-profit group I started. Every time we offer a tool, our web site usage increases. In essence, we become user friendly. As administrator [of course] you would have control of what commentary is acceptable and what isn’t.

    And by the way, you need some “share” links connected to the social media.
    Pet owners are starving for the knowledge, expertise and wisdom you offer.

    Since I won’t know if or when you respond, I’ve just placed a sticky note on my computer to come back to your web site in a few days.

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