Good News for Animals


February – Rabies vaccine – New guidance from the AVMA advises that cats and dogs that are exposed to rabies and are overdue for a vaccine can have a booster shot followed by an observation period rather than be subject to quarantine or euthanasia.  Call me for how this may impact your decision about Rabies vaccination.

March 2 – Shelter gets donation A man who never married and had a few animals himself, leaves his entire 3 million fortune to  the Animal Welfare League in Champaign County, Ohio to be used to buy a farm to rehabilitate unwanted animals, provide dog training, and serve as a preserve for animals to roam freely.

Salmon return – Those of you who are trying to buy local, even getting ingredients for your dog and cat food from local farmers – good news. All the work to decrease pesticides has allowed salmon to return to the Connecticut River after 230 years.



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