Great Book – The endless path

One of my most important messages is for people to have hope – for themselves, their animals, the planet. Too often conventional veterinarians hold out no hope because their treatments are so limited. From a reader of The Endless Path: “For us, HOPE is the heart of this story. Since we are facing many of the issues that confronted Gunny and Laurie, we needed to learn the secrets of gaining the most our of our relationships and how to travel the road we are facing with dignity, love and courage…”  To read more and order.

Laurie works with a communicator to learn about her deeper relationship with Gunny. Though I have not yet read her book, I have met and been inspired by Laurie, who built a swimming pool needed by her dog, and now offers it, Reiki, guidance on possible healing paths and hope to all her find her in the book and in Bethesda.

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