Healing stories

  1. A facebook post reported on a dog now being driven on their old walks in a trailer pulled by her human on his bike. She barks when she is ready to walk…he stops, lifts her out of her very secure bed and together they walk slowly….when she is tired, she sits and back into the trailer she goes to finish their route…Another with a geriatric dog who has had long time joint issues….is now getting to go on their morning walks…in a jogging stroller. BTW, I got 7 extra years with my best pal when we stopped everything but acupuncture and chiro as needed.
  2. A neighbor had a large Shepherd with degenerative myelopathy (paralyzed rear). But instead of putting him down, we got a custom made large wheels, swim therapy and acupuncture, and a diet from Dr. Basko in Hawaii (book – fresh food and ancient wisdom), he had quality of life for 2 more years and was an inspiration to many.
  3. A very sick 3 yr old dog diagnosed to have a kidney stone (yes, kidney not bladder) and many specialists would not take the case, referred us to different specialists or vet schools. Diagnostics were $7000-$9000 with “surgery” estimated to be $9000-$11,00. The estimates were all based on faxed records of the case, and not one specialist or vet school that I spoke with could guarantee me they would take the case. So in desperation, I tried what I felt was the last option for my dog – a homeopathic vet. After explaining my predicament, we scheduled an initial consult. Eight months later, there is no kidney stone, the kidney inflammation is gone, and my dog is back to normal, better actually. Cost for this method? Less than $800. More important than cost is my dog is still here with me and that is what matters most.

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