2 thoughts on “Healthy Animal Update January 2012

  1. Nancy emailed me – Thank you for the excellent information. I was wondering what you thought of calcium from seaweed. Especially for a dog with hypothyroidism.

    There are many different opinions as to which source of Calcium is best absorbed by animals. I have seen no problems with any of the forms (Ca from seaweed, bonemeal or egg shells). The Merrit Naturals product does not have much iodine in it, so it would be fine. I have even had dogs with low thyroid and cats with high thyroid benefit from eating actual kelp and seaweed. They are one of my favorite companies.
    Dr. Chambreau

  2. Ester, another reader, asked: You mentioned if you see specific problems in the months following vaccines the dog might need Standard Process Skin, digestive, kidney, liver, adrenal and thyroid supplements. This is not a one supplements right? These are specific separate supplements for each of these organs.

    Dr. C’s ANS: Yes, you are right that these are supplements that would be needed if those organ systems were affected.

    My 5 years old female had her rabies vaccine in October. First she had mucus in her stools which I considered to be no reason for it, then now she has red running eyes which I treat with Optique I and seems to help.

    Dr. C’s ANS: “helping” the red running eyes with Optique is what we call Palliation (you may enjoy listening to http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com radio show archives; or reading chapter 2 and 3 of Don Hamilton’s book (on my favorite book page); or reading the few pages in the Healthy Animal’s Journal if you buy that). Palliation is when you have to keep giving a treatment or the symptoms come back. You are not fixing the underlying vibrational problem. This is one of the early warning signs and means your dog needs homeopathy, Reiki, HTA, TTouch, diet change, or something to become healthier.

    I am not sure this is from the vaccine because she have had these symptoms before with not vaccination. I only give the rabies.

    Dr. C’s ANS: Since they are chronic symptoms, I agree that this vaccine is probably not the culprit.

    Also my dogs take Colostrum every day for their immune system. This dog also take Aunt Jeni’s Enhance digestive aid for dogs, prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes and herbal blend, besides other supplements.

    Dr. C’s ANS: I have not yet posted articles on each of the above supplements. Some have been spoken of in this blog or in the Articles section. If your dog has the red runny eyes (unless the drops are given) and occ mucus stools and needs that many supplements, I would seek professional help. If your dogs were super healthy with no mucus stools and no need to use the eyedrops and no more of the Early Warning Signs, as long as they were on all those supplements, then you would have found the right combination for health.

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