Healthy Pet Webinar Series

Hope Turner and the Healthful Dog are hosting me to speak for 5 sessions. You can attend live and ask questions, or email me questions in advance if you cannot be present, as you will be emailed the webinar.

Healthy Pet Webinar Series – A Christmas present to yourself

Would you like more choices for less money to improve your pet’s health regarding:
  • Your options about the correct diet for your pets
  • Your options of supplementation, when, how or what is lacking or needed
  • Choosing the best professional team to treat & advise you as a pet guardian your concerns about recommendations and potential side effects of drugs, vaccinations, heartworm, flea remedies, hairball gels and more
  • Alternatives and options in the health arena
  • Feeling confident about the life decisions you are faced with regarding your pets
    • Feeling overwhelmed and or confident about  being the best pet parent you can be
    • Know there must be other ways to heal your pets so euthanasia was not needed?
Join Dr. Christina Chambreau for 5 webinars covering how to choose from all the holistic health care options.  Save money and improve health for yourself and all the animals in your life. Email areas you would like covered.
FREE sample of Dr. Chambreau and others speaking on nutrition – to see if you want to listen more to her and to learn more about nutrition. Also you can watch her on youtube on nutrition.
10-11 AM US Eastern standard time (3-4 pm GMT) Fridays: Nov 20, Nov 27, Dec 4, Dec 11 and Dec 18.
$40 per webinar, or all 5 for $130. (You will get the recording of any that you miss before you signed up.)

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