Holistic Approach to Ear Hematomas

In the post on July 29 I covered the basic answers to any health related question for people or animals (probably plants too). Remember to thank Mother Earth each time you go for a walk – and the trees, water…all life. They so appreciated being thanked.

My facebook post asked people what issues they have and what they want covered in talks.

Dorie asked: Hematomas on inside flap of dogs ear? This keeps periodically reoccurring. Our vet drains it by using a syringe. I don’t want to have it corrected surgically because he has SAS and putting him under anesthesia concerns me. Could leeches be used!

First, Dorie, follow the 7 keys to health briefly described above and linked to my site. Second, learn to treat the hematoma yourself, so you need not go to the vet (PS – if you were working with a great holistic vet they would have already coached you on doing this yourself). There are a lot of you tube videos showing you how to bandage the ear to the head at the first sign of swelling so it will not worsen. Be very careful not to make it too tight. Though video one is for a wound, just ignore the initial gauze on the wound, as there is no wound. Video two is an ear wrap that you purchase.
Video Three is silent, with the directions typed as captions.

The cause (unlike what most you tubes say, even the veterinary ones) is not the shaking. It is an underlying internal imbalance. Doing everything you can to improve overall health will decrease the incidence of hematomas. If you can work with a homeopath to complete heal “the dog” there will be no more hematomas.

Of course, always useful is Reiki offered daily, or Healing Touch for animals, Therapeutic Touch  (study showed helped cells in a tissue culture if the petri dish was held), acupressure and other holistic approaches. Be sure there is no underlying ear infection, or you will have to change the bandage daily to treat the ear.

Again, if you want to permanently cure this problem, and have no great integrative vet near-by, have a Pet health coaching call with me to learn more what you can do and to actually find the best holistic vet to deeply cure your dog.


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